Monday, August 14, 2006

Microsoft Finally Gets It...oh, and the PS3 is dead

This morning Microsoft announced that they will be making the XNA Game Studio system available to the general public on Aug 30. "So What?" you say. Here's a snippet from the press release:
From students at colleges, universities and high schools of the future to the proverbial “guys in the garage,” Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express will liberate anyone with a great game idea to create titles for Xbox 360 and Windows XP simultaneously.
By opening up the 360 to community created content, Microsoft is ensuring that the 360 will have the largest audience of die-hard developers there is. Sure Sony's PS3 will continue to have tons of great games developed for it, but Sony will never figure out how to open that platform up (or they would have already done it for the PSP). By being open, the 360 is guaranteed of a win.

Way to go Microsoft! I never thought I'd applaud your business moves, but this one is brilliant.

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