Monday, January 01, 2007

The Wii and Telephony

My son bought a Nintendo Wii a couple days after they were released back in November. The whole family has been having a blast with it. I'm convinced that Nintendo's decision to bundle Wii Sports with the console was a marketing master-stroke.

Naturally the Wii came with us when we visited the Grandparents for Christmas.

I was pretty certain the Wii was a brilliant move on Nintendo's part. It simplified gaming and I was confident it would lead to a larger market for Nintendo some day. Turns out that I seriously underestimated Nintendo's genius.

Picture the following: it's Christmas Eve at Grandma's house. The Wii has been plugged into the 42" TV in the family room. Gathered around the Wii are my sister-in-law, her husband, one of my wife's cousins, her husband, my wife, and Grandma. Everyone is playing bowling on the Wii and having a blast doing it. People who would NEVER play video games are playing the Wii and loving it. Both Grandma and our cousin said the will be buying their own.

Yesterday I was talking to some friends at church. One woman who purchased a Wii for her kids for Christmas, told me how her 64-year-old sister was playing Golf on the Wii. Another family, who haven't bought a video game system since the old Game Cube, actually stood in line for three days in order to pick up a Wii for their kids.

Something significant is happening here. The Wii is re-painting the video-game market in its own image.

So what does all this have to do with Telephony?

I know dozens of people who don't own mobile phones. In fact, many of them are the same people who don't own video-game consoles. Why haven't they owned consoles before, but now they love the Wii? Becuase it's EASY; just a couple of buttons and wave the controller around.

Why don't these people own mobile phones? For the same reason they never bought consoles. Take a look at the average mobile phone. It has contact lists, SMS, MMS, Video, IM, a camera, an MP3 player, to-do lists and a calendar, and a user interface that boggles the mind.

Where is the mobile phone that is as simple and compelling as the Wii?

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Got an answer now Cliff? :-)

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