Thursday, February 15, 2007

Goodbye to VMI

For nearly nine years I have been working at Voice Mobility. I've done almost everything there, from coding to system-architecture and from product management to CTO. It's been a wonderful chance to learn tons of new things and to work with some of the greatest business people, engineers and software developers in British Columbia. VMI has given me the chance to attend numerous industry conferences, to speak at VON twice, to travel to Toronto, Denver, Boston, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle and many points in between. While at VMI I completed my Masters Degree in Computer Science, we added two children to our family, we bought our first home, and experiences dozens of other firsts. It has truly been a wonderful time in my life.

However, like all things, we sometimes need a change to help us grow. For me, that change began in December as I started looking at a job posting with a company called Genologics.

I'll spare you the details, but after nearly 12 separate interviews (we were both very thorough) I have accepted a position as the Software Development Manager at Genologics Life Sciences Software.

I will be managing a team of about 20 developers. I know some of the people there already, and I have enormous respect for them. I've heard many great things about the company, and I've been very impressed with their CEO, their HR director, and their general corporate philosophy. I am also excited about the opportunity to immerse myself in the domain of Life Sciences instead of Telecom. After nine years, I'm no longer excited when I read about IMS, VoIP, Mobile-convergence, and all the other fascinating things going on in the communications space. If I can't get excited by what's happening in Telecom today, it's clearly time to move on.

I'll miss VMI; most especially the great people. But this is an excellent opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and do something new.

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Robb said...

Wow, what a surprise for me who clearly does not keep in touch often enough. This is an exciting change, I'm sure. Best wishes at the new job! Congratulations!

As for me, we finally got my work permit application filed. As it is, there may be a two week period where I am without a legal permit. Thankfully I am faculty and will take spring term off anyway. Has the USA always been so xenophobic, or is it just the Bush era?