Monday, May 14, 2007

Two Months at GLS

I've been working at GenoLogics for a bit over two months now. It's been a real learning experience. For the first few weeks I was drinking from the fire-hose as I scrambled to learn everything about the industry, the culture, the people, the process and a million other things. I have learned what an aloquat is, the difference between Genotyping and Gene-expression, what a MALDI mass-spec does, and the difference between using a Gel and LC for protein separation. There's still tons to learn, but at least I've got the basics covered.

What do I like about working at GLS?
  • The culture. There is a strong desire to do the right thing, to make a significant difference in the world, and to see everyone grow and improve.
  • Professional education. GLS invests significant time and money in helping people learn. We have a book club, regular external training sessions, a formal budget for professional development, and the annual Genopalooza conference.
  • Agility. Important decisions can, and are, made quickly and decisively.
  • The industry. I had almost no exposure to biological science outside of marrying a Micro-biologist. I love what I get to learn, and I love having a need to learn it.
  • Success. While GLS isn't yet profitable, we have dozens of very happy customers and lots of new successes each quarter. Having come from a previous job where there was very little success in nine years, having growing revenues is an awesome experience.
Right now my biggest efforts are in improving the effectiveness of our development and QA groups, and in helping get a repeatable process in place for requirements management. Everyone is very cooperative and eager to see things change - which has significantly eased the challenge of moving into this new position.


Robb said...

I'm glad that the new job has such rewarding professional development opportunities. That's how I feel about BYU; I recognize that I'm very spoiled here and it won't be like this wherever I end up next. So I'm doing my best to take advantage of it while I can.

Is the new job much of a distance from the old one? Still in Victoria, or another municipality?

Anonymous said...

The new job is still in Victoria. Instead of working downtown on the inner-harbour (still the greatest office view I've ever had), I am now working in the Vancouver Island Tech Park (VITP). The VITP is located near the Camosun College Interurban campus. It's a beautiful setting, and the running trails around the facility are much better than they were downtown. In general, it's a better place to work, but I miss the view of the harbour.