Monday, August 06, 2007

Rotary dial mystery

On Saturday afternoon we took our family to Sidney for a little sightseeing. The town of Sidney is famous for all its great book stores, but it also has some terrific antique shops.

The first antique shop we wandered into had a section with a number of old radios and toys. Scattered among these treasures was an old avocado green, melamine plastic, rotary telephone.

I picked it up to show it to Deanna, remembering a phone just like it in my home growing up. My daughter wandered over and went all wide-eyed at the sight. "How does that work?!"

I suddenly felt much older than I deserve to feel.

I showed her how to rotate the dial, let it go, wait while it counted down, and then do it again. She tried it a couple times and actually thought it was pretty funny.

I wonder how many years it will take before children look at wired land-line telephones, or any sort, and ask "how does that work?"

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Anonymous said...

Ha, I still have (and use) one of those old rotary dial phones. We keep it in our basement, and has the best ring for a phone (due to the real bell inside). Ours is a dark brown color, is very heavy, and was purchased at Value Village for $2.