Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tomorrow is the second annual GenoLogics' GenoPalooza conference. This is a full-day event for all GenoLogics employees world-wide. (It is planned to coincide nicely with our annual Sales Meeting, so most remote employees are here anyway.)

So what is GenoPalooza? Think of it as a day-long team-building and personal development conference. This year, the day starts at 8am at Dunsmuir Lodge. We begin with a light breakfast and a presentation on corporate culture by GLS's own "culture club". (You know with a name like that, that nothing serious can possibly result.)

The rest of the morning will be dedicated to development workshops on Personal Creativity or "Influencing for Impact". This is followed by lunch the in 5-star restaurant at the lodge.

The afternoon will be a session on using humor to help drive innovation, followed by a workshop on Systems Thinking. Finally, we wrap up with dinner and rooftop volleyball at the Sticky Wicket (home to the world's only rooftop beach volleyball courts).

This is an amazing event. I am constantly surprised at how much investment GenoLogics makes in its employees. It's wonderful to see, and the mood around the office is a constant reminder that this effort is paying dividends.

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