Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lawn mowing and Snowmobiles

Another great reason to live and work in Victoria.

Two days ago I was mowing my lawn to mark the start of another Spring. Yesterday I took my two oldest children on a one-hour drive up to the snow line at the Juan de Fuca ridge. (It's amazing what a difference 600m of altitude can make.) We met a friend there and spent a few hours messing around with his snowmobile.

We had a great time riding a sled and snowboarding behind the snowmobile. Being pulled uphill on a snowboard is great fun - especially with all the bumps.

Hanging out

We fired up the camp stove, made hot chocolate, went snow-shoeing, and enjoyed the alternations between sun and falling snow.

After a couple hours we piled everyone back onto the snowmobile (or the sled behind it) and my daughter drove us all back down to the cars.


It's days like this when I realize how awesome it is to live in Victoria.

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