Thursday, May 01, 2008

Architecture Astronauts

I hate it when blog authors just point you at someone else's blog and say "this is great". It's just a lazy way to fill up blog posts. Sadly, I'm going to be lazy today and point you at an article by Joel Spolsky on Architecture Astronauts.

This article really resonates with me. As someone who is trying to hire super-star programmers, and having an incredibly hard time finding them, I totally get what Joel is talking about. It would be one thing if I knew I was competing with other awesome companies doing awesome things. But I know that I'm often competing with lame companies solving silly problems and offering outrageous salaries. Just the other day I interviewed an awesome developer who decided he couldn't work for us because we wouldn't match the six-figure salary he was making writing gambling software. Wow! There's a problem that's really worthy of a brilliant mind and significant personal investment. Whatever happened to caring about what you are doing?

Just read Joel's article. You'll understand how we both feel.

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