Friday, July 18, 2008

Genopalooza 2008

Genopalooza 2008 took place yesterday. This is the second Genopalooza I've attended, and the third that GenoLogics has held. This year the event was held at the Mews Conference Center on the beautiful Royal Roads Campus.

Our agenda was like this:

8:00 - Breakfast
8:30 - Opening Remarks
8:45 - Keynote Presentation. "Life is Frantic at Frantic Films" - Jamie Brown, CEO, Frantic Films
10:15 - break
10:30 - We held a World Cafe to discuss our corporate values and some of the lessons we might learn from the Keynote presentation.
11:30 - Everybody lined up outside for an all-hands corporate photo. We were lucky to have the most beautiful woman in the world taking our photos - my wife.
12:00pm - Lunch, which was very good. Kudos to Royal Roads
1:00 - At this point everyone selected one of two possible workshops. The first, "Changing Shape, Shaping Change" was presented by Rock, Paper, Scissors. The second was "Team Decision Making" presented by The Berrant Group. By all accounts, they were both excellent.
4:00 - break
4:15 - Rock, Paper, Scissors presented a hilarious improv-based Game Show called "Logic or GenoLogics". For the next 45 minutes they had everyone howling - even the eight poor souls that were asked to participate. Somebody shot a shaky video clip of part of the event.
5:00 - closing remarks

Everybody was then invited to meet downtown at the Sticky Wicket Pub for some roof-top beach volleyball, great food, and hanging out.

It was a terrific event and everybody had a great time. Once of the best parts of Genopalooza is seeing the remote employees from all around the world who fly in to take part. If you didn't get to be there, consider becoming a GenoLogics employee, and then we'd love to have you!

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